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Thinking about doing linear?

Lots of teachers have been wondering about whether linear courses will still be a possibility from 2010 onwards.  The answers seems to be an emphatic, YES.  Although QCDA had originally intended the 2010 changes to lead to modular-only specifications, it turns out there are plenty of options still available to teachers wanting to take a linear approach.

 AQA GCSE Maths Spec changeAQA have consistently explained that their new modular spec offers a linear approach for those teaching a linear course.   The spec, which was accredited in November, has a three-unit structure with three assessment opportunities per year.  In the introduction to the new spec they highlight that “reduced overall assessment time (under 4 hours) means that it is easy to take a linear apporach and sit all three units at the end of a course of study.” Click here for the  specification or click here for the summary.  A full menu of options, including SAMs, can be found on this page

Edexcel have recently announced the accreditation of two specs: specification A (linear approach) and specification B (modular approach) for first teaching in September 2010.  You can download Specification A and the SAMs here. You can click here to download a copy of the sample assessment materials (SAMs) and accredited specification B

 OCR announced last month the accreditation of what their Specification A.  They highlight that it works with a “unitised, staged or linear” approach.   Click here to see their announcement.

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