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…And we also asked teachers, “Why wouldn’t you offer Functional Maths?”

In our survey we wanted to tease out any scepticism among teachers about Functional Maths, and any reluctance to engage with it.  So we asked them to rate factors which might stop their centre from offering Functional.

We’re pleased to report, from Functional’s point of view, that teachers rated these negative factors as far less significant than the positive factors mentioned in our earlier post, below.  Here’s a list of the negative factors, and how many teachers rated them important or very important:

26% – “At my Centre we don’t know very much about Functional Maths” 

48% – “Functional Maths is no longer a hurdle to achieving Grade C at GCSE””

36% – “There has been a low pass rate in the Functional Maths Pilot”

13% – “My Centre is not interested in teaching Functional Maths on principle”

22% – “My Centre has not found the Pilot specification and examinations to be a successful way of delivering Functional Maths”

So the stand-out issues are clearly (1) that Functional is no longer a hurdle to Grade C at GCSE (no surprises there…) and (2) the low pass rate in the Pilot exams.   Clearly, QCA and the Exam Boards need to address this latter point before specs and SAMs are finalised next April. 

We also think Publishers (that’s us, amongst others!) need to do a better job of teaching Functional and supporting teachers.  When we look through the books already produced on Functional, we find them very hard to navigate – it’s almost impossible to tell which chapter is teaching which maths topic… 

Watch this space over the coming months for more thoughts on publishing Functional resources!  Meantime if you have any thoughts on Functional, please send a comment.

All in all, it looks to us that the enthusiasm of teachers for Functional far outweighs the doubts or scepticism.   More on this in the next day or two – we’ve invited one of the Functional Pilot examiners, Will Rigby, to write a guest blog.  We hear from him that teachers are committed to Functional, if only they didn’t have to teach to the test………..

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