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Thoughts on grading low-demand questions

We’re fans here of providing maths questions that are graded – “this is the kind of question a B-grade student could do correctly”, so that students can evaluate their own status and progress. If you check out the samples, you’ll see the forthcoming Longman AQA GCSE course has graded questions all the way through.

Question is, does the theory hold at the G-F end of the scale? We’re producing a support book to help G-F students gain a pass in GCSE Maths, but does the grade labeling help in this situation? Will students find it motivating/helpful?

Below are two sample spreads from the G-F Support Book: one graded spread, the other ungraded. Click on each for bigger JPG versions. We’d be interested to hear your preference.

Double page from the G-F Support Book, showing grades in the margins

Double page from the G to F Support Book, without showing grades

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