GUEST BLOG: Some real life Functional Maths

We noticed that our colleague, Lewis, was writing his own, very popular blog on running, Foot4ward.  And that some of his posts were just crying out to have functional skills questions attached to them.  So we asked Lewis if he would lend us some of his data, and together we dreamt up some Functional Maths questions to go with it.  Feel free to use this in the classroom.

Lewis ran two 10km races in late 2009: the “Frieth Hilly 10k” in October and “Poole round the lakes 10k” in December.  The race results for both races are given in the two charts below.

As indicated by the names, the Frieth course is hilly, while the Poole course is largely flat.

Lewis took 41 minutes to complete both races.

Chart showing the finishing times for the 2009 Frieth Hilly 10k

Finishing times for Poole Round the Lakes 10k for 2009

1. What was the modal finishing time in the Frieth Hilly race?

2. In which of the two races did more runners take longer than 70 minutes to finish?

3. OPEN QUESTION After completing both races, Lewis’ memory was that the runners in the first race had been more spread out.  Was Lewis correct?  Explain your answer.

4. Lewis ‘s girlfriend has promised to buy him dinner if he ever finishes in the top ten.  How many times did she take him out to dinner following these two races?  Explain your answer.

5. OPEN QUESTION  Other than the names, identify two pieces of evidence in the data that indicate why the Poole race might be a flatter course than the Frieth race?  Explain your answer.

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