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Arran Fernandez – 14 year old admitted to Cambridge to study Maths

We picked up this story about 14 year old child prodigy, Arran Fernandez, who has been offered a place at Fitwilliam College after passing A-Level Maths and Further Maths.  He still has to pass Physics A-Level to fulfil his offer.  He first hit the news in 2001 at the age of 5, when he passed Foundation GCSE. 

Maths prodigy becomes youngest entrant to Cambridge since 1773

Arran Fernandez - Cambridge's latest 14 year old prodigy

The BBC site reports in this link that his latest ambition is to solve the Riemann Hypothesis.  No easy task by all accounts – here’s the Wikipedia entry.  His age would make him the youngest person since 1773 to study at Cambridge.

The story inevitably raises questions as to whether children should be pushed so fast so young.  The BBC site has a very balanced article weighing up the pro’s and con’s.  Many feel that this kind of fast-tracking sets the individual up for possible disappointment in later life. 

One thing the article doesn’t mention is that Arran’s 14 year old predecessor at Cambridge, who matriculated in 1773, was William Pitt the Younger.  Pitt became Prime Minister in 1783 and held the job for 20 years!

William Pitt the Younger - Cambridge's last 14 year old prodigy

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