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Middle Sets Textbook published! Advance copies reached us this morning

No-one in the office really believed we would manage this in January, but somehow it’s happened – we have a copy of the Middle Sets textbook in our hands!  Official publication follows later this week, which will mean that our AQA GCSE Series has been officially launched (unleashed?) into the world.

This also means that anyone who’s ordered our evaluation pack, should receive their copy in the next one to two weeks. If you would like to order our eval pack, just click here.  It’s free and it contains the Middle Sets book, a demo CD of ActiveTeach (the accompanying electronic product) and a printed guide to the complete course, i.e. all the other bits we’re offering like the Practice Books, Assessment Pack, etc etc.

Middle Sets textbook - can anyone think of a name for the chameleon?

Naturally, we’re all taking care not to look too carefully at the book.  It’s the worst moment to spot a typo…  So far nothing, except an observation that the turquoise tint we’ve used to indicate C-grade questions is slightly inconsistent in several places.  Whatever –  the book looks great to us: colourful, clear, not at all fat (in fact pleasantly slim for a textbook covering all three Units & 2 years of Maths), and, of course, adorned by our favorite chameleon.  

So that’s the first product in the series done.  Only another 19 to go (or 22 if you count Functional!)

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