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Movie poster goes for the funny bone, with algebra?

The latest marketing craze - Hot Tub Time Machine poster uses algebra for laughs

Not quite safe for class this piece of news, but new movie Hot Tub Time Machine proves what we’ve always suspected – that algebra is the funniest topic in maths.  Check out that poster.

MGM says “we wanted to try to tell some story with the poster, which you don’t do a lot of the time. Who has algebra in something aimed at a mass audience? It was a fun way to make the title even more interesting.”

Breaking the equation down, it appears to read:

Older actors plus energy drink plus clear (possibly alcoholic) liquid plus squirrel divided by hot bath tub equals younger actors. Of course it would.

Admittedly, Woody Allen once said Comedy = Tragedy + Time, so maybe there really is something in the mathematical approach that we’ve been missing out on.

Advance word on the Hot Tub Time Machine movie itself? Apparently, the plot’s a bit formulaic. Badum-tissshhh.

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