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Facebook power? New exam questions catch students out

Will A-level biology students bring AQA and OCR exam boards to their knees over January exam papers? Click here if you’ve not seen this story.

Quite likely not! But the hoohah has been about students believing they’ve not had nearly enough practice with new types of exam question. So a vocal number of them felt they’d walked into an ambush in the exam room.

There’s going to be plenty of help to avoid this happening with GCSE Maths 2010. AQA’s GCSE Maths specification is well supported by AQA’s resource centre

  • Full specification
  • Specimen question papers and mark schemes
  • Free ‘preparing to teach’ meetings
  • The big new ‘AQA All about maths’ website for teachers due to go live in April


Needless to say, Longman have got all ‘the new stuff’ covered too:

  • New Assessment Objectives explained and practised throughout the course materials and especially at the end of a unit, just before the unit exam!   

More AO2 practice AQA middle sets

  • Functional maths questions introduced and practised throughout the GCSE course
  • An Assessment Pack full of extra practice focusing on checking students’ progress and preparing them fully for the new unit exams. Click here to see a sample
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