Draft Linear Spec posted on AQA website

AQA have today posted a draft Linear spec for GCSE Maths on their website.  This means they have now joined the ranks of Edexcel and OCR, who both moved late last year to offer a Linear Spec (Spec A), which we blogged about at the time.  In the draft spec, AQA claim they will have a “final specification” available in March of this year.

We’ll keep you updated on any further developments as soon as we know them!

What’s new about this Linear Spec?

Teachers might be wondering what’s new about this Linear spec, as opposed to AQA’s existing Linear spec.  Well, the changes that are taking place in Modular apply to Linear as well, therefore:

  • New Assessment Objective: AO2 teaching maths in context 
  • New Assessment Objective: AO3 problem-solving 
  • Functional elements of mathematics

What are the key Assessment details?

Here are some of the key details as listed in the Draft Linear Spec:

  • Two question papers, differently weighted so that 60% of the assessment allows the use of a calculator
  • Two assessment opportunities per year in January and June
  • Allows Functional Maths qualifications or GCSE Statistics to be easily incorporated into a course
  • Designed to be taken over a one- or two-year course of study
  • All assessment is covered in two examinations taken within the same series.  No examination paper is overly long with a maximum of two hours at the Higher tier
  • This specification offers excellent preparation for GCE Mathematics
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