Valentine’s Day Special – We Heart Maths!

Following the awesome popularity of our Winter Olympics activity we’re going to make a habit of featuring topical activities from our sister KS3 series, Level Up Maths.

We love Maths, and we particularly fancy this activity “Pollyopoly” which uses the idea of the popular board game to explore issues around probability. This “Heart Maths” activity actually features in our Levels 6-8 textbook, so plenty of application at GCSE level. Click the image for a larger version.

Pollyopoly - a board game of chance

Learning objectives

  • Be able to work out more complicated probabilities
  • Be able to construct and use a sample space diagram
  • Be able to carry out an experiment

This spread should enable pupils to explore a familiar concept and work out the probabilities of events happening.

Introduce pupils to the information on the spread. Allow them time look at the game board. Having a real game board in the classroom would be useful, such as a Monopoly® board. Explain that almost 750 million people have played Monopoly® since it first appeared in 1935. Have the pupils played it?

Talk to pupils about the need to consider the roll of two dice as well as the position of the items on the board. Discuss which dice totals are most likely.

A score of 7 occurs more often than other scores, so a space seven moves away is the most likely one to land on. At this point it might be a good idea to construct a sample space diagram for two dice on the board; this will help with the questions.

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