AQA GCSE Maths: We’ve got Linear covered!

Well, that’s the plan anyway…  As we blogged a week ago, AQA have posted a draft Linear spec on their website.  We’ve been busy assessing what this means for our Longman resources, and what we can do to make sure all users of our resources have everything they need – which includes support for Linear.

The good news is that our Student Books are well suited to a Linear course.  As followers of this blog will have already noted, our Student Books are single volume – so can be used just as happily for Modular or Linear. The Middle Sets Student Book published a month ago, and the Higher Sets one published today!  The Foundation Sets book is at the printers and should publish shortly.

We are making absolutely sure we give specific coverage to Linear.  We’ll be making changes to the Practice Books, the Assessment Pack, the Teacher Guides and, of course, ensuring Linear Schemes of Work are available.  We’ll provide more detail in March.

Click below to download a one-page pdf chart of our AQA GCSE Maths resources, including our Functional Maths resources:

Click here to download pdf of Longman GCSE AQA maths course

Here’s a low res version:

Longman AQA Maths course: GCSE & Functional - Click to enlarge

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