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Mean, Meaner, Meanest: “Challenge Yourself” questions in our A-A* Practice Book

Try some “Challenge Yourself” questions from our forthcoming A-A* Practice Book!  We’re very excited about this book (as far as we know, there’s nothing else like it on the market?), and these challenges are the most fun part of it.  There’s one at the end of every section in every chapter. 

The questions are tougher than anything in a GCSE exam, but don’t actually require knowledge beyond the GCSE curriculum.  Well, that’s the theory anyway.  In case you find them a bit hairy,  answers can be found at this link.  Have a go at the questions:


Here’s one on tree diagrams.  It’s taken from the Probability chapter in Unit 1 (Statistics and Number).  We know this one wasn’t too bad, because we could all do it (well, most of us…):

Question on tree diagrams from our AQA GCSE A-A* Practice Book. Click to enlarge.


Now one on the golden ratio.  This is from the quadratics chapter in Unit 2 (Number and Algebra). Familiar territory, and an interesting subject – but can you actually come up with a proof?

The golden ratio - Maths problem-solving challenge

Question on the golden ratio from our AQA GCSE A-A* Practice Book. Click to enlarge.


And now the crunch.  You’ll find this one in the shapes chapter in Unit 3 (Geometry and Algebra).  A tricky question on cones, disguised beneath a humble egg-timer:

Question on cones from our AQA GCSE A-A* Practice Book. Click to enlarge.

A final note:

Our whole AQA GCSE Maths 2010 series is about differentiation.  We’ve had just as much fun putting together a dedicated Practice Book for G-F grades, as well as a whole tier of resources for Middle sets / borderline C.  Click here for a full chart of all the components in the GCSE series.  And click here for a free evaluation pack.  Any comments or suggestions, let us know!

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