Countdown to the World Cup!

In the spirit of the increasing frenzy building up to the World Cup in South Africa, have a go at football fractions!

Around Levels 4 and 5, this fun lesson from our Level Up Maths KS3 series covers:

  • mental methods of calculating with fractions
  • calculating fractions of quantities and measurements
  • multiplying a fraction by an integer.

Here are the activities, a few teacher notes, and the answers.

Football fans start here!

Pupils attempt a “circuit” of football-related activities requiring them to calculate fractions of quantities and multiply fractions by whole numbers. Pupils can play the two games (“Groundsman Gary’s game” and “Penalty shoot-out”) to play a complete “football match”. Core skills include mental strategies, problem solving and record keeping.


  • Consolidate and extend mental methods of calculation to include fractions
  • Calculate simple fractions of quantities and measurements
  • Multiply a fraction by an integer


Sticky notes for starter; Calculator and stopwatch for penalty shoot out; Calculator for Gary’s game.


Display a number line from 0 to 1 on the board. Write fractions on post-it notes and challenge pupils to place each fraction in the correct place on the number line by comparing it with the fractions already in place. Ask pupils if they want to move any of the existing fractions.


1. 26                2. 6                  3. 5                  4. 5                  5. 10

6. 20                7. 7 kg             8. £8                9. 12 kg           10. 21 m

11. 36 kg         12. 16              13. 30              4. 90                15. 36

16. 5 mm

And finally, if you want to keep your Maths classroom up-to-date during the World Cup, we suggest you download our free World Cup wall chart, complete with maths problems that can be worked on as the scores roll in!
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