Longman’s GCSE and Functional Maths resources: UPDATE

Component Chart for Longman's AQA GCSE and Functional Maths courses for 2010 - click to enlarge.

We’ve just updated the pages on this blog covering our resources. 

You can now see full details of our AQA GCSE series

…and full details of our AQA Functional Maths series.

We’re passionate about what we’re doing with these courses.  Established readers of this blog will know already what makes us tick, but for newer readers here’s a quick reminder…  As always, we welcome feedback:

  • Support for all levels of ability: we’re doing dedicated resources for Middle Sets (Student Book, Practice Book, Teacher Guide and ActiveTeach CD) covering Grades E to B, as well as targeted Practice Books for A-A* and G-F. 
  • One textbook covers the whole course whether you’re choosing AQA’s  Modular or Linear specification.
  • Electronic Resources: classroom teaching has been undergoing a quiet, digital revolution for the last 10 years.  We’re now offering every one of our resources in both print and digital format.  The Student Books are also being published as part of the ActiveTeach CDs, the Practice Books as Digital Editions, while the Teacher Guides and Assessment Pack come with their own editable CDs.  These aren’t just electronic versions: our ActiveTeach platform allows us to host videos, interactive activities, a full maths toolset and many other digital features.
  • Assessment and Practice: Reassuringly, some things about maths teaching do not change!  Practice makes perfect, and assessment measures how well that has happened.  Our set of five Practice Books and our Assessment Pack offer a complete solution for all sets.

If you haven’t already, please click through this link to order a free AQA GCSE Maths Evaluation Pack, or click here for a free AQA Functional Maths Evaluation Pack. Both these Evaluation Packs contain a free textbook and demo ActiveTeach CD.

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