Revealed: The top ten most popular Functional Maths contexts

We thought it would be interesting to see which contexts were cropping up most often, when Functional Maths tasks are being concocted.

We therefore did a quick survey of the real world contexts that appear in the sample Functional Maths assessments from most of the major exam boards, and that appear in the Functional Maths textbooks published so far.

And here’s the countdown to Number 1, in order of how often each basic context appeared…

  • Number 10        Calculating income and outgoings
  • Number 9          Arranging geometrical objects in a room or garden
  • Number 8          Following a recipe
  • Number 7          Medicine and health
  • Number 6          Sports
  • Number 5          Travel logistics
  • Number 4          Surveys of human behaviour
  • Number 3          Taking a holiday
  • Number 2          Decorating your home or garden
  • Number 1          Paying for products and services

We tend to think of “carpeting” and “mobile phone charges” as the go-to, no-brainer contexts for Functional Maths tasks, but in fact the spread of situations turned out to be encouragingly diverse, with ideas from the animal kingdom, TV and town planning also cropping up regularly, but just missing the top ten cut.

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