Where to start teaching AQA Modular Maths? We suggest Unit 2

Even though the AQA GCSE Mathematics specification inevitably begins with Unit 1 (Statistics and Number), we’ve come to the conclusion that Unit 1 might not be the obvious place to start your teaching next term/this September!

Because Unit 2 (Number and Algebra) exam papers will have 60% of AO1 questions (recall and use knowledge) while Unit 1 will only have 40% of these ‘easier’ question types, you might like to think about starting with Unit 2.

So our 2-year schemes of work – printed in the Teacher Guides – will work through Unit 2 and Unit 1 in Y10, with opportunities to revise for and sit those Unit exams in March and June of Y10. The conventional ‘start at Unit 1’  scheme of work will be available on the editable CD-ROM in the back of the Teacher Guide.

Here’s a taster: the overview document of our SoW for Middle sets taking Higher tier unit exams.

…And an amuse bouche with our SoW for Middle sets taking Foundation tier unit exams.

Then Y11 allows a good amount of time for Unit 3 (Geometry and Algebra), along with revision for any resits for Units 2 and 1 in November and March.

And the schemes of work – including 3-year and 1-year versions – will be free to download from our website.

  1. sharon sloan
    March 29, 2012 at 11:50 am

    When will the 3 year scheme of work be available?

    • penelb8
      March 30, 2012 at 11:58 am

      So sorry, Sharon – I’ll get them put on our website very soon! (I’ll post when done.)

      All the best


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