G-F Practice Book published! Sample chapters available to download

Copies of our AQA Maths G-F Practice Book have landed on our desks!  We’ve opened them with the usual mixture of nerves and pride…

The good news is, the book looks great.  We’re confident teachers will like it.  It’s the only book available giving focussed support for these grades.  The Assess Yourself panels in each section work nicely and the write-in format should be helpful for this ability group.

(But yes, we have spotted one flaw.  It’s a small design error and I’m sure we’ll be the only ones who notice it.  At least we hope we are…)

It’s worth mentioning that we’re also selling a Digital Edition of this Practice Book.  In fact all the products in our AQA GCSE Maths series are available in both print and digital formats.

Click on the snapshot below to download three sample chapters from Unit 2, Number and Algebra (it’s a 3MB file so might take a moment or two to load):

Longman's AQA GCSE Maths G-F Practice Book - FREE resources
G-F Sample – click to download chapters 11-13


If you want to look up any other titbits from the book, we’ve blogged about it twice before – one post last month when we sent it to press, and one in December.
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