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Teaching AQA GCSE Maths 2010 has started!

We’ve heard from a number of schools that they’re getting stuck into the new GCSE course this term.

Maybe not by choice, but because it seems the best option. Here’s what a school in the South of England thinks:

“We are having to start our course with Y9 on 19th April to allow for the course to be delivered in time. We will still be examining unit 1 in Nov of Y10 but have told the Y9 that they will be treated as Y10 students in the summer term to give us more time.

To be honest, this has not been recognised as a matter of urgency when it comes to Scheme of Work provisions and text book publishing in some cases. My text books will be arriving over Easter, which I then have to cover and prepare to use in Monday 19th April.

This whole new spec change has taken too long or it was started too late for most schools in my borough who are starting the course early. The launch courses and prep to teaching are all too late as it is assumed that the course delivery will start in Sept across the country – when this is not true.”

How does this chime with your experience so far?

We’re holding our hands up over Schemes of Work – we have our Modular Middle sets two-year SoW ready (and will be posting the Linear version soon) but we’re still working on the Higher and Foundation versions (Modular and Linear).  These will appear first on the blog, over the next two weeks.

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