The future of schools – what does Nick Clegg think?

With the second live Leaders’ Debate coming up tonight at 8pm, and with the Lib Dems riding high after last week’s debate, we decided to have a quick look at Lib Deb policy on schools.

We found nothing specific to Maths in the Lib Dem manifesto.  But here are some general highlights, which would impact on Maths teachers.  (This is just what we’ve dug up – there is of course no substitute for reading the manifesto itself.)

Standards and Curriculum

  • The Lib dems would replace QCDA and Ofqual with a “fully independent educational standards authority (ESA)”
  • “Axe the rigid National Curriculum and replace it with a slimmed down ‘minimum curriculum entitlement'”
  • “Scale back KS2 tests at age 11 and use teacher assesment…”
  • They would reform league tables, in particular to reduce importance of borderline C

Teacher Remuneration

  • “Reform the existing rigid national pay and conditions rules to give schools and colleges more freedom, including offering financial and other incentives to attract and retain excellent teachers, while ensuring that all staff receive the minimum national pay award.”

 The manifesto also includes a commitment to cut class sizes.  “An average Primary school could cut class sizes to 20.  An average secondary school could see classes of just 16.”

We’ll be blogging highlights from the other two parties’ policies later in the election campaign.

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