Functional Maths Student Book: Free sample on wind power and formulae

Our AQA Functional Maths Student Book is publishing in June, and here’s a free sample we thought we’d share along the way.   It comes from a Level 2 chapter on formulae.

Each chapter starts with “Practise the Maths”, an opportunity for students to make sure they have the basic skills needed before tackling functional questions:

Practise the Maths: Formulae, Level 2. Click to enlarge.

Then come the functional questions.  In this chapter, the context is wind power and wind turbines:

Wind power & formulae - sample Functional Maths spread. Click to enlarge.

Looking for other free Functional teaching resources?

We’ve blogged these recently: Election Maths (handling data, percentages), Volcano Maths (probability; distance-speed-time), Countdown to the World Cup (fractions) Maths in the Roof Garden (volume, area, perimeter), Of Rock Festivals and Number Skills (interpreting data, number skills).

Confused by developments in Functional Maths this year? 

Click here to see a Survivor’s Guide to Functional Maths in 2010, and click here to see the Functional Maths resources that we will be publishing.

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