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At 5pm tomorrow, Friday 30th April, we’re holding an end-of-month prize draw for five £20 Amazon vouchers.  This will be open to all Maths teachers who have subscribed to this blog. 

Just enter your school email address in the box at the top right of the screen and click on the button, “Subscribe!”  You will then receive our new posts by email.  We post about 4 times per week and do not spam our subscribers.

If you’re reading this and you’ve already subscribed to this blog, your name will be entered in the draw as well.   Why not forward this message to any maths teaching colleagues?  

(True, it might reduce your chance of winning by a small fraction, but if your colleague wins we’re sure they’ll buy you something on Amazon…!)

A note about us: This blog is being written for Maths teachers, with a focus on AQA GCSE & Functional Maths 2010.   We’re writing it to keep teachers informed about developments at AQA, to share free teaching resources & Schemes of Work, and to gather feedback about the resources we’re publishing for AQA 2010.  The About Us page will tell you more.

Click here for the terms and conditions of the prize draw.

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