A-A* Practice Book: free sample chapters


Some rivers are easier to cross than others... Sample question on the Millau Suspension Bridge from A-A* book. Click to enlarge.

We published our A-A* Practice Book last week. It’s the only book in the market we can find, which targets top grade candidates and future A-Level stars.  And it’s our answer to anyone who says Maths GCSE is being dumbed down.  The book is full of engaging, colourful questions – all of them clearly graded and labelled like the AO2 sample above on the Millau Suspension bridge (Chapter 4 on Accuracy in calculations).  

And here’s a Challenge Yourself question from the Proportionality chapter:

Challenge Yourself... Or better still, challenge your students. Sample question on proportionality. Click to enlarge.

Challenge Yourself questions in every section offer some fun and danger to the brightest students – the questions go beyond GCSE but the underlying maths doesn’t.  We blogged some other samples a few months back – Mean, Meaner, Meanest – as well as answers

Click here to download free sample Chapter 3, Proportionality, or Chapter 4, Accuracy in calculations

The A-A* Practice Book can be ordered here.

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