Our top ten most popular articles

In honour of our 7 month anniversary we initially thought it would be quite interesting to tally up and see which had been our most popular articles on the blog. And so a long dark night of manually totting up and comparing visitor numbers followed, until someone pointed out it’s actually quite easy to rank articles by popularity on WordPress.

There’s a button for it.


Well, we didn’t have blogs and social media and such whatnot when I was a lad.

Turns out the results of the tally are most interesting if you find predictable things interesting, such as the World Cup or the Olympics being popular. But here’s the list of our top ten articles in any case, on the off-chance you missed any of these little crackers.

1. Countdown to the World Cup!

2. World Cup maths: the route to the Final!

3. Problem solving at the Winter Olympics

4. Schemes of Work

5. Election Maths! Functional Maths resources

6. Functional Skills in GCSE

7. Functional Maths Qualification 2010

8. Functional Maths 2010

9. Latest News from Ofqual on Functional Skills

10. 2-year Scheme of Work sample

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