Longman AQA resources: Free Class Tracker for Maths GCSE

Sometimes it can be hard to get excited by a spreadsheet…  But we may have managed it.  We’ve just finalised the Class Progress Charts for our AQA GCSE Assessment Pack: one for Foundation sets, one for Middle, and one for Higher.  We know most people would run a mile if we said the spreadsheets had great functionality…  But they do! 

Extract of the "Class Progress Chart" in the Longman AQA GCSE Assessment Pack

The Class Progress Charts (or trackers) allow teachers to record pupil progress end-to-end through a GCSE course.  For example: the Assessment Pack contains Course entry tests for each Unit – input the results into the tracker, and it will suggest a target GCSE grade.  Handy for setting students. 

Another example: the Assessment Pack contains a diagnostic test for every Student Book chapter – input these results into the tracker, and it will tell you which students are on course to meet their target GCSE grade and which are falling behind.  Particularly handy for middle sets when deciding which tier to enter students. 

Click here to download the Charts (Foundation, Middle & Higher).  This link will take you through to our website: scroll down until you see the title Assessment Pack, and the links are just underneath. (We would post the files here, but this blog cannot host Excel…)

Click here to find out more about the AQA GCSE Assessment Pack, or click here to order one.

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