A-level maths results: popularity spurt!

Who remembers the good old days (around 1990) when there were about 80 000 candidates for A-level Maths? There’s hope that this peak has been reached again – 2009’s total for the full A-level Maths was 72 000, and everyone’s expecting a boost this week for 2010. Will MEI’s prediction of 10% more ASs and 18% more full A-levels be correct?


(Secondary school rolls are currently still declining, so it certainly can’t be a population thing. )

Our poll last month showed resounding support for retaining AS Maths as a staging post to A-level. There were zero votes for ‘AS wouldn’t be missed.’ And ACME have taken up the issue with the government.

We certainly don’t think that the new AQA 2010 GCSE specs are dumbed down at all, so they should build even stronger foundations to encourage students to take their maths further.

Here’s hoping that this time next week your students will have achieved all the Grade Bs they need to continue on to AS Maths! Check out this blog on GCSE Results day to see the first of our new videos supporting your teaching the AQA GCSE Maths 2010 specs…

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