Coming soon to this blog… Sherlock Holmes’ toughest case yet!

A new School Year, a new GCSE Maths specification, a new set of students to motivate…

So we scratched our heads and thought: how to get students doing the new problem-solving and functional maths without even realising they’re doing it? 

The result: we’ve created a Sherlock Holmes mystery based around a series of mathematical clues – all of them flagged AO2 or AO3, and graded.  There are six fortnightly epsiodes: you and your class have to solve the mathematical challenge at the end of each episode to work out what location Holmes and Watson must go to next.

So here’s the really good bit: it’s a competition, with a prize on offer at the end of each episode.   Prizes will include free Sherlock Holmes DVDs, free school resources, and nice things to eat.

And here’s the really important bit: this competition will be fun, but it will also fit the new specification.  That’s so it can fit in with your teaching.  Remember: the questions will be flagged AO2, AO3, and graded.  To help with planning, these are the dates we’ll publish each episode:

  • 22nd September
  • 6th October
  • 20th October
  • 3rd November
  • 17th November
  • 1st December

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