FREE to download: fortnightly Maths challenges for your GCSE class

Through the Autumn term we’ll be running fortnightly maths challenges for your GCSE classes.   It’s a new year, a new GCSE Maths spec, and your students will need as much practice as they can get of the new AO2, AO3, and Functional maths questions.

As we blogged last week, we’re wrapping these challenges inside a Sherlock Holmes story.  The first episode comes out on Wednesday 22nd September.  You and your class have to solve the Maths puzzles in each episode to work out where Holmes and Watson must go next.  Here’s their map of London – print this out for your classroom and you can record the pair’s progress round the capital: 

Holmes' Handy Map App: Help him and Watson navigate their way round London to solve their latest case. Click to view pdf.

At the end of each episode, there will be a week to send in answers.  We’ll draw the winner at random from all the correct answers.  There are prizes on offer each fortnight, and then the overall winner – the teacher/class who solve the case – will receive special certificates and a stupendous Christmas hamper to share!

Remember: the competition launches 22nd September, with fornightly epsiodes until 1st December.  We’ll keep everything updated on a dedicated page of our blog, where you’ll find all the past episodes, and other competition details.

Final tip: some of the clues will be hidden inside our AQA Middle sets Student Book.  To receive your free copy, just subscribe to this blog, by entering your school email address in the box top right of your screen.  If you’re already a subscriber and don’t yet have a copy, just send us a message (which we won’t publish, unless you want us to).

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