AO2 Practice for GCSE Maths – FREE to download

Here’s the Prologue to our Sherlock Holmes competition that we’re running through the Autumn term.

It contains some devilish AO1 and AO2 questions on:

  • 2D representations of 3D shapes,
  • Planes of symmetry,
  • Coordinates and 
  • Pythagoras’ Theorem.

The Prologue is presented as two pages of case notes from Holmes’ own files.  Display it on your whiteboard in class, or print out a colour copy, and go through it with your students.  You can also print off copies for them of the worksheet, below, which clearly sets out the AO1 and AO2 questions:

Prologue: Practice AO1 and AO2 questions, while getting a hint about challenge in store for Holmes this Autumn term... Click to download PDF.

And here’s the accompanying worksheet:

Watson's worksheet. Click to download.

This is just the Prologue, so no prize yet for sending in the correct answers.  That starts with the Episode 1, which we publish next Wednesday, 22nd September.

Remember: we are keeping the whole story, plus the rules of the competition, updated on a dedicated page of our blog.

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