Sherlock Holmes Christmas Maths Challenge: Episode 5 Solution

Many congratulations to the Episode 5 JOINT winners of our Sherlock Holmes Maths Competition:

Year 10 Set 1 and Year 9 Set 1 – both from Canon Palmer School in Essex –

for successfully working out that Holmes and Watson have been led in a figure-of-eight…

For the answer to where Holmes and Watson must go next is:

Turns out our friends have been dancing the Eightsome reel... to Moriarty's tune. Click to download updated map.



We’ll be sending the winners a FREE Class set of Longman’s unique 2010 AQA Functional Maths Student Book (30 copies) and a tin of Cadbury’s Heroes. 

DON’T MISS THE GRAND FINALE, Episode 6, to be published tomorrow (1st Dec.)

We now know WHO stole the Devil’s Eye Ruby: Moriarty.  And we know WHY he stole it: to build an EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) weapon that could destroy all electronic devices within miles. 

BUT WHERE WILL HE USE IT, AND WHEN?  See if you can solve the clues in Episode 6 tomorrow, and help Holmes & Watson to foil Moriarty’s plot…

Meantime, here is the complete solution to Episode 5:

First part: The Science of deduction:
Working out the ratios
A=5  B=15  C=1  D=4  E=2  F=2  G=6  H=8  I=10  J=9   K=6
So there is J+F+G=17 MW going to Oxford Circus. So there is not enough power going to the trigger.

We then worked out the remaining time on the song was 2mins 21 sec and that Jerry Rafferty sang a song called Baker Street which brought them to the location: 221B Baker Street.

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