Teaching AO2

AO2 – Select and apply mathematical methods in a range of contexts

What this means: Problem-solving – find the ordinary maths you need to get you to the correct answer. The question will often give you a hint. Worth approx 25-35% of marks in the exam.

…So it’s worth making sure you know how to do AO2 and AO3 questions!

Note: The exact proportion of marks available in the exam varies with each Assessment.

You can get the full story at http://www.ofqual.gov.uk/files/2009-03-gcse-maths-subject-criteria.pdf


What does an AO2 question look like?

 The image below links to a full chapter PDF.

AO2 Example from the Longman AQA GCSE Maths Middle Sets textbook

Note: Q4c in this example needs to be explained in context of the number of rolls of the dice – yes or no could be argued successfully.

The image below links to a larger version.

AO2 Example, from 5.4 Lines of Best Fit

Note: In Q3d, students must use lines of best fit to make estimated marks. Emphasise that they may need to make predictions without being told to draw a line of best fit, so they must make that decision.

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