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FREE Olympic GCSE Maths lesson – archery and circles

Actually it’s a Paralympic Maths lesson: teach area and circumference of circles in the context of Paralympic Archery. 

Bull’s eye! A KS4 Maths lesson taken from Cisco’s Out of the blocks – Maths and Science series 2012. Click to download (5MB, so be patient…)

Like what you see?  More lessons like this are freely available on ActiveTeach – no login required.



October 14, 2010 2 comments

Our congratulations to Episode 2’s winner of our Sherlock Holmes Maths Competition


…for successfully working out where Holmes and Watson must go next.


Wherever next for Holmes and Watson? Click to download updated map.


We’ll be sending the winners a FREE Longman AQA Middle Sets ACTIVE-TEACH DVDour popular and highly rated resource for electronic whiteboards – and a tin of Cadbury’s Heroes.

Here’s their answer:

Reading the clue the pupils worked out that they needed to draw on the NW line from the London Eye. They measured an angle of 45° from the North line going towards the west. From there they measured a bearing of 060° and drew on a line which took them to ANGEL ISLINGTON



We know that half-term may get in the way for some of you, so we’ll be extending the deadline for solutions until 31st OCTOBER, HALLOWEEN!

Without giving anything away, we can promise a heady mix of HALLOWEEN adventure and Unit 1 Maths in Episode 3.  What more could anyone want from a Maths challenge at this time of year?!

RememberMaths teachers can join this competition at any time.  You can catch up on all the action in the earlier episodes on this dedicated page of our blog

If you’re not a subscriber to our blog, you’ll find it makes sense to sign up – subscribers receive every new post straight to their email (never more than 4 per week), including updates on this competition.  Just enter your school email address in the box top right of your screen – there’s no charge for this, and no spam. 

We’ll also post out a FREE copy of our AQA GCSE Middle Sets Student Book straight to your school.  Without giving too much away…  This book will be essential for solving clues in the later episodes of the competition!  Existing subscribers, who’ve not yet claimed their free copy, should leave a comment on this post, and we’ll send one out.

AQA GCSE Maths whiteboard software made easy!

September 24, 2010 Leave a comment


AQA GCSE Maths ActiveTeach demo - well worth a look! Click to view

Our ActiveTeach whiteboard software is a very popular component of Longman AQA GCSE Mathematics. Much more than a ‘textbook on screen’ – and not a subscription product! – ActiveTeach for AQA GCSE Mathematics 2010 includes:

  • Over 40 BBC Active videos
  • Interactive Grade Studio for AO2 and AO3 problem-solving practice
  • Class Tracker to record your classes’ progress
  • ‘Watch the examiner’ videos that give insight into exam marks
  • Exam Cafe with lots of revision guidance and support for students

Now we’ve made a nifty Beginners Guide that walks you through AQA GCSE Maths ActiveTeach key features (make yourself a cuppa – it’s about 9 minutes long because there’s so much to show you!!). Click here  or on the image above to start.

AQA Functional Maths teacher resources: FREE samples available to download

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment

Back in the depths of August, we published the teacher resources for our AQA Functional Maths 2010 series: a Teacher Guide and an ActiveTeach DVD-Rom.  Both resources cover Levels 1 & 2.  They fit hand-in-glove with our Functional Student Book, with which a lot of our readers are already familiar.

The Teacher Guide and ActiveTeach are, of course, awesome.  But don’t take our word for it, here are some samples:

AQA Functional Maths ActiveTeach: presents the Student Book on-screen with access to video clips, audio files and interactive content. Click to access FREE online demo.

AQA Functional Maths Teacher Guide: click to download FREE sample chapter on ratio.

Quick note on the Teacher Guide contents: its chapters are matched to the Student Book, and it offers lesson plans, teacher notes, extension material for brighter students, and guided practice for weaker students. The Guide also contains Level 1 and Level 2 practice exam papers, written bespoke for the new 2010 spec.

Click here to order a FREE Evaluation Pack for the Functional series.  Or click here to order any products from the series.

Functional Maths is coming! Subscribe to this blog by 31st August and receive a FREE Student Book…

July 19, 2010 5 comments

After a 3 year pilot and much debate, Functional Maths is about to become reality for all schools in the UK.

We expect that teaching Functional will evoke a variety of emotions in Maths teachers (curiosity? excitement? panic?)  If it’s the latter, please remember there’s a survivor’s guide on this blog.  Or click here to go through to the AQA website.

And if you’re looking for resources, only one Student Book has been published for the new spec…  Yes, it’s ours and we’d be delighted to offer a free copy to any existing or new subscribers to our blog. Here’s a sneak preview:

Blogging about the blogosphere - could this create a space-time anomaly? Click to download PDF.

Other features of the Student Book:

  • Practice exam papers at Level 1 and Level 2, written in accordance with the new spec and the new specimen papers. Click here for a sample.
  • “Practice the Maths” sections at the start of every chapter, offering revision and practice to build students’ confidence.  Samples of these can be found in two recent posts: click here for wind power / formulae, and here for school trips / understanding data.

How do I obtain my free copy of the Student Book?

If you’re new to this blog, simply enter your school email address in the box top right and we’ll post a copy to your school address.  You’ll be subscribing to this blog, which is cost-free, spam-free and hassle-free.  You’ll receive each of our posts by email, which amounts to about 2-4 per week during term time and 1-2 per week during the holidays.  We will not share details with any third parties.

If you’re already one of our subscribers, just click on “Leave a comment”, and let us know that way.  The comment will not be published (unless you want us to) – it will just be read by the team here.

Other Resources

We’ve published a free Evaluation Pack, which contains a copy of the Student Book.  In a few weeks time, we publish the Teacher Guide and, a few weeks after that, the ActiveTeach DVD-ROMClick here to browse or order any of these resources.

AQA GCSE Practice Books: Digital Editions published

We’re pleased to report that we’ve just published the Digital Editions for all five of our Practice Books: G-FFoundation sets, Middle sets, Higher sets, and A-A*.

Our strategy has been to publish everything in this series in print format and in digital format.  The Digital Editions are available as CD’s, here are a few useful details:

  • Built on our popular ActiveTeach platform
  • Will integrate on your computer with any other digital resources from the series, providing a single point of access
  • Suitable for modular or linear courses
  • Contain a complete set of Practice exam papers (linear and modular)
  • Contain a complete set of answers
  • Contain an additional set of pdf’s for printing out any chapter

Click on any of the covers above to order a copy for purchase or on approval. 

Click here to learn more about Longman’s new resources for the new 2010 spec, or to order a FREE Evaluation Pack.

Tracking feature tracking quite nicely, response-wise

May 25, 2010 2 comments

Walkthrough of our new tracking feature, with Irish accent

Long time visitors to the blog might recall the occasional self-congratulatory reference to the new tracking feature on our forthcoming ActiveTeach software. What the hey, we think it’s pretty nifty.

ActiveTeach puts the textbook up onscreen for whole class teaching. The new tracking feature enables the teacher to gather information on the class response to every single activity or exercise, with, oh, about 5 seconds total effort per lesson. A tracking screen then shows topic status, traffic-light-style, and it’s dead easy to see what needs attention. Or indeed, simply what topics you’ve covered. In a future world, this information would then be beamed direct to your brain, but that’s Phase 2 territory for now.

Most importantly, teachers we’ve shown it to, “get it” instantly. The response has been so positive, we consider the tracking feature now worthy of the ultimate accolade: a screencapture walkthrough that explains what we’re actually talking about.

CIOLUKWYK (Check it out, let us know what you think).