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London 2012 – (really) exciting free maths resources!

December 1, 2011 Leave a comment

What plans have you made to use London 2012 as a context for teaching and learning next spring and summer?

Out of the blocks - Maths and Science 2012

We think you’ll want to make time for ‘Out of the blocks – Maths and Science series 2012′ coming free to all state-funded schools in the UK in January 2012:

  • 15 FREE COPIES of maths Activity Books containing  GCSE curriculum content in highly visual Olympics-related activity pages
  • A Launch Competition poster free inside your pack of Activity Books – with 25 digital cameras as prizes
  • Maths & Science  Challenge 2012 – STEM Challenge 10. This is the biggie! Enter teams of four to six Y10 students to win serious prizes including London 2012 event tickets! (and cash to support your school’s  STEM Club)

Full details on our new website, so go there now to register for e-alerts and to ensure your department receives its pack of 15 free Maths Activity Books in January.

Remember to register with a school email address, please. And doing so by 1500 on 9 December will enter you into a Prize Draw for:

  • One of five £20 Amazon vouchers 

Oh… and do prompt your science teacher colleagues to register as well!


Our Free AQA GCSE Maths Practice Papers are really popular right now!

June 1, 2011 2 comments

With the new AQA GCSE Maths Unit exams due on 13 June (Unit 1) and 21 June (Unit 2), it’s no surprise to us that our site downloads have shot up! This half term week is no exception.

Supporting Longman’s AQA GCSE Mathematics Student Books and Practice Books for all abilities, we publish a comprehensive Assessment Pack as well, from which the free practice paper below  – for Unit 2 Foundation – is taken:

Click to download the pdf file
And you’ll be wanting the Mark Scheme too…
We’d be interested to know whether your students are resitting Units this summer, or waiting until next year to improve their Unit result, knowing that there is only one resit allowed. Please feed back in a Comment. THANK YOU!

The AV referendum – FREE Maths activity to download!

The Alternative Vote referendum will soon be upon us…  

Exciting for some, dull for others – and a rich source of Maths questions for GCSE classes. 

Download our very own alternative Alternative Vote referendum.  It’s a role play allowing your class to mock up their own referendum, learn about the two different voting systems, and explore the maths behind them.  It’s also a bit of fun and we guarantee it will bring a smile to your students’ faces.

It's about policy not personality... Click to download AV referendum Maths activity.

Here are the Teacher Notes to accompany it…

Click to download Teacher Notes.

The Maths includes percentages, representing data and bias.  The last two topics often perform badly in exams, so don’t lose this opportunity to set your students down the right path!

We’ve also prepared a worksheet and ballot papers for your class. 

Oh, and please tell us how the alternative AV referendum plays out in class?  Which candidate wins under AV?  Which under FPTP?

Countdown to 2012: your FREE Olympic maths poster!

500 days to go to the big event (actually, 489 days as we write)…

Here’s your free classroom poster, with a map of all the London venues and some Maths activities built in.  These are at GCSE Grade D/C, and Functional Maths Level 2 – covering ratio,  map scales, and distance-speed-time:

Practise some Olympic maths, and help Boris find his bearings... Click to download.

How did you find our practice papers?

Back in October we posted a free AQA GCSE Unit 1 Practice paper plus answers.  Last month we posted a Unit 2 paper.  They were written specially to support the new specification.

How did you find these papers?  How have your students been finding the exams, and how have they coped with the new AO3 problem-solving questions?

By the way…

Our Assessment Pack (RRP £149.99) contains two complete sets of Linear and Modular practice papers, as well as a bank of exam-style questions organised by topic.  We’re running a 30% discount for our subscribers for online purchases before 30th April.  If you’re interested, “Leave a comment” on this post and we’ll send you a voucher.

Free AQA Functional Maths for Black Friday!

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Counter-intuitively, Black Friday is a good thing – US shops ‘go into the black’ after Thanksgiving, when everyone goes out shopping…

Try out this free Level 1 Functional Maths activity, from our Longman AQA Functional Maths resources:

Click here to download the fractions, decimals and percentages functional shopping experience! (3MB file!)

And here are the teacher notes, including answers.

Let us know how your students get on!

EPISODE 5: Sherlock Holmes Maths Competition – FREE Christmas Maths challenge to download

November 17, 2010 Leave a comment


Episode 5 – the Christmas Lights at  O X F O R D   C I R C U S

The story so far… Called to investigate the disappearance from Harrods of the world’s largest ruby, the Devil’s Eye, Holmes and Watson follow a trail from there to the London Eye to the tunnels under the Thames.  They emerge from these on Guy Fawkes night to be greeted by fireworks above Borough Market, where Holmes finally discovers in Episode 4 WHO has stolen the ruby and WHY… 

His old nemesis, Moriarty, plans to use the ruby in a laser to create the world’s most powerful EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) weapon.  A weapon so powerful it could knock out every electronic device in, or above, London – including all mobile phones, hospital equipment, and aircraft guidance systems…  To be activated the device needs two things: (i) a vast metal antenna of some shape, (ii) a huge source of electric power.  Wherever will Moriarty find those?   

Ably assisted by the Maths department at the Littlehampton Academy, Holmes and Watson solve the code and arrive at… O X F O R D   C I R C U S, where the Christmas Lights are about to be switched on:

Help Holmes & Watson reach Oxford Circus before it's too late... Click to download PDF.

And here’s the accompanying worksheet:

Watson's Worksheet: click to download PDF.




The winning entry will be drawn at random from all correct answers, and will receive a FREE Class set of Longman’s unique 2010 AQA Functional Maths Student Book (30 copies) and a tin of Cadbury’s Heroes. 

If you’re NEW to this competition…

View this page of our blog to keep up to date with all the action.  The competition is free to enter, and you can join in any Round/Episode.  All the page references in the Episode point to maths support in Longman’s AQA GCSE Middle sets Student Book.  All new and existing subscribers are entitled to receive a single free copy of this book – request your copy by leaving a comment on this post.

GOT ANY QUESTIONS?  Just leave a comment on this post and we’ll get straight back to you.