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Rugby World Cup Maths: FREE Activity to download

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment

The Rugby World Cup is upon us.  There’s a lot more mathematics to rugby than you might think, and we’ve created a bespoke Beast Index to prove it.

Keep your class on their toes with these AO1 and AO3 problem-solving questions on averages & range, and using formulae:

Not just a pretty face. Click to download and see how the world's most massive rugby player can help with GCSE Maths.


Here’s what you told us

Last month we conducted a survey of our subscribers to find out what you really think!  After 18 months of blogging, we were curious…

Q. If the blog stopped tomorrow, which of these statements would best describe your attitude? (Tick only one)


Well, that was a relief.  No-one ticked the “Happy – all the email updates annoy me” box.  We’ll do our best to keep it that way.  Thank you for your support.

Q. How long did you read the blog before you subscribed to it? (Tick only one)


This result took us by surprise.  We had no idea the decision to subscribe was taken so quickly.

Q. Before you started this survey, who did you think writes and produces the blog? (Tick all that apply)

This response made us smile.  We can say definitively that we are Longman, which is part of Pearson Education.  Either of those would have been correct, so a majority of you were on the right track.  We are not part of AQA and definitely not Nelson Thornes (greatly though we esteem those organisations)!

Q. If we were to cut down the types of activities we were going to provide on the blog to just four, which of the following types would you want to keep? (Tick four only)

Harder to read this slide, so here’s a summary: the most votes went to “GCSE new-style practice questions and papers”.  We hear you – we’ll keep them coming and make sure we offer all the support we can through the Summer exam season. 

Our topical resources came in as next most popular.  Collectively, there were 42 votes for our topical lesson plans and activities relating to:

  • “…major sporting events” – for example, our World Cup posters last year – 16 votes
  • “…major non-sporting events”, for example our General Election activity last year – 15 votes 
  • “…annual festivals, e.g. Christmas, Halloween, Bonfire Night”, for example our Sherlock Holmes competition last Autumn, episodes of which related to these festivals – 11 votes 

We’ll keep this stuff coming as far as time and tide allow.  For example, to mark the passing of the 500 day milestone and the availability of tickets for sale, we’ll shortly be publishing an Olympics poster.

There was also enthusiasm for the sample pages from our published resources, with 12 votes.  Again, we’ll keep these coming.  The least votes went to our video resources and news updates on AQA specifications and policy.

We asked you to tell us what other kinds of resources you would like to see.  Your answers centred around three types: (i) more exam questions/papers/feedback, (ii) more puzzles, (iii) interactives. 

We hear you.  We’ll do our best.

Q. What are your other sources of topical resources for use in school? (Tick all that apply)

Space doesn’t allow for all the questions, and we promised to keep all individual responses confidential.  But we do want to say a  big  T H A N K   Y O U  to everyone who took part.  Some of your additional feedback was very encouraging: you made especially kind comments about our Middle sets Student Book, about our Sherlock Holmes competition, and about our other free resources.  

Finally, some of you expressed concern that we might start charging for the content on the blog (we asked a few hypothetical question around this).  Don’t be, because we won’t.

With best wishes,

The Maths Team at Longman

World Cup Round-up: Summary of our FREE Maths Classroom activities

As we come to terms with England’s defeat at the weekend to Germany (or rejoice at it, depending on your point of view), we thought this would provide an appropriate moment briefly to re-cap the football-themed resources we’ve produced in recent weeks.

In chronological order, with the most recent posts first:

World Cup Maths: The Curse of the Jabulani – 3D shapes and nets

(Seriously, was this prophetic on some level?  Two days after we posted it, England’s crucial 2nd half goal against Germany is disallowed…)

World Cup Maths: The Mathematician’s Guide to Penalty Shoot-outs – Pythagoras, trigonometry, quadratics, probability

UPDATED World Cup Wall Chart: Free to download – Averages, probability, relative frequency

World Cup maths: the route to the Final! – Number skills, distance-speed-time, scatter graphs

(This activity has been the biggest hit with teachers…)

Cup Final Maths – Free resource! – fractions, decimals, percentages

Countdown to the World Cup! – fractions

(…and this one has been the second biggest hit.)

Exercise your mental maths!

June 28, 2010 Leave a comment

As an antidote to all that couch potato-ing for the World Cup, have a go at this free maths activity – the Running Track (Speed) Game from our Level Up Maths  Key Stage 3 maths resource!

Questions are set at a basic numeracy/mental maths level so you can use it for warming up before a lesson, or as a competitive finale!

Ever wanted to run a race in a giraffe suit? Now’s your chance!

Level Up Maths 'Racetrack' Game

Click here to get to the starting line…

World Cup Maths: The Curse of the Jabulani

June 25, 2010 2 comments

As the England.v.Germany match approaches, some of you (or your Maths class) may be worrying about the Jabulani football, which has been creating so many headlines at the World Cup

We’ve put together a poster, explaining why this football is so different to other footballs…  And included some questions about the nets of 3D objects.  These should provide a neat activity for a Functional Maths lesson and help bring these complex issues closer to home (AQA Functional Maths spec Level 2: “recognise and use 2D representations of 3D objects”, p.11) –

Is the Jabulani really so evil? Click to download full pdf.

Well, the World Cup may be over for England by Monday…  If so, we promise to stop blogging so intensively about it!

World Cup Maths: The Mathematician’s Guide to Penalty Shoot-outs

June 24, 2010 4 comments

With England.v.Germany looming on Sunday, we thought we’d give you a sneak preview of how England are preparing for another of their famous penalty shoot-outs!

We have produced a new World Cup Maths activity.  To advise Steven Gerrard and the boys on their penalty strategy, your students will need to use a combination of trigonometry, quadratics and distance-speed-time.  We’ve also thrown in some probability questions for good measure.  GCSE grades have been applied to all the questions to give an indication of difficulty level.

This activity spread is free for our subscribers.  The good news for maths teachers is that subscribing to this blog is cost-free, spam-free and hassle-free.  Just enter your school email address in the box on the top right of the screen.

World Cup Maths activity: penalty shoot-out. Click to view. Full pdf available to subscribers.

Click here to download the accompanying worksheet.

How exactly do I subscribe to this blog and when do I get the Penalty shoot-out activity?

Just enter your school email address in the box top right.  You’ll then receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription.  Once you’ve accepted that, we’ll email the activity out to you as a pdf, along with the accompanying worksheet.

Why should I subscribe to this blog?

You will receive each of our posts by email, about 2-4 per week.  We never spam our subscribers, and we never share details with any third parties.  Oh, and subscription to this blog is free, has always been free and will always be free. 

Our subscribers are part of our community of maths teachers, we value them and they will continue to receive free resources not available to all browsers of this blog.

UPDATED World Cup Wall Chart: Free to download

World Cup Maths

Well, what a day yesterday was… 

England squeezed a victory over Slovenia, USA stole our position at the top of the table in the dying minutes of their match, and so now we face Germany on Sunday (more on that later…)  Oh yes, and two blokes at Wimbledon decided the best way to stay in their competition was to avoid finishing the match at all.

Anyway, here’s an updated World Cup wall chart, with all the scores up until Tuesday filled in:

World Cup wall chart - the story so far... Click to download full pdf