GCSE Maths

Components of Longman's AQA GCSE and Functional Maths courses for 2010 - click to enlarge.

Longman are producing an extensive series of resources to support the new 2010 AQA GCSE Maths specification.   With 20 different components, we are offering unrivalled support for all aspects of teaching at all levels of ability, modular or linear specifications.

The component chart on the right summarises the entire series (as well detail at the bottom about our Functional Maths series) – click on it to enlarge.

There’s more detail below, but this is what we’re doing in a nutshell:

  • Student Books: The core of our course, we’re doing single volume textbooks for Foundation Sets, Middle Sets and Higher Sets.  These books will work well on a modular or on a linear course.
  • Teacher Guides
  • ActiveTeach CD-Roms
  • Practice Books: As well as Practice Books for Foundation Sets, Middle Sets and Higher Sets, we’re also doing an A-A* Practice Book and a G-F Practice Book – unique resources in the market to ensure that all levels of ability are catered for.
  • Practice Book Digital Editions: New to the market, we’re also offering all of our Practice Books as digital editions, using our own ActiveTeach platform.  Digital editions allow teachers to project the book on a whiteboard, or through the VLE.  Any chapter can be printed out, and the disc will automatically integrate with any other ActiveTeach products which have already been purchased.

Support for Modular and Linear

Our resources have been specifically designed to support both the Modular and Linear specifications:

  • The Student Books (Foundation, Middle and Higher) cover the entire course in a single volume, so can equally well be used in modular and linear courses.
  • The Practice Books each contain a full set of modular practice papers and a full set of linear practice papers at the back
  • The Teacher Guides contain Schemes of Work for both modular and linear courses
  • The Assessment Pack contains two full sets of modular practice papers, and two full sets of linear practice papers.

Support for all levels of ability: middle sets, top ability and bottom ability

We’re really excited about all aspects of our series, but this may be the area of which we’re most proud…  We’ve gone out of our way to ensure that our resources are as targeted as they possibly can be.  We’re publishing a full set of resources to cater to Middle Sets and the all important C-grade.  We’re doing a Middle Sets Student Book, covering Grades E-B, as well as a Middle Sets ActiveTeach CD, a Practice Book, and a Teacher Guide.

For top ability students, we’re publishing an A-A* Practice Book – a unique resource in the market and at last somethign to inspire your best students towards A-Level. We’re already blogged about the Challenge Yourself exercises: there’s one at the end of every section to test your best students with problems that go beyond the exam, but only use maths from the GCSE curriculum.

For lower ability students, we’re publishing a G-F Practice Book specifically designed to make maths as accessible as possible.  The format is write-on, so students can engage directly with the material, the presentation is highly visual and the layout intuitive.  We’ve included Assess Yourself panels in every section so students can track their own progress and build confidence.

FREE copy of the Evaluation Pack

Click here for to order a free copy of the AQA GCSE Maths Evaluation pack.  This pack contains a copy of the Middle Sets Student book, and a demo disc of the ActiveTeach CD-Rom.

FREE Sample material

Click here for free sample pages from the Student Books, Teacher Guides and Practice Books.

ActiveTeach: interactive resources for front-of-class teaching

Click here to download our ActiveTeach demo. This demo also comes on a disc free with the Evaluation Pack.  ActiveTeach displays the student book on-screen for projection on a whiteboard or through a VLE.  There is a wealth of additional content including:

  • BBC Active videos for use as lesson starters, an ideal way of kickstarting investigation of different mathematical topics
  • Watch the Marker videos: our unique feature which shows how examiners mark exam scripts – students can t see first hand the importance of showing their working!
  • Animations: these bring maths to life, by offering classes interactive investigation of every topic in the curriculum
  • Topic Tutors: again, every topic in the curriculum is covered – first read the question, try to answer it, then watch an on-screen demonstration of how to build a model answer.
  • Grade Studio: a menu of interactive activities allowing whole-class practice of the new AO2 and AO3 problem-solving questions.  There’s also a bank of multiple choice questions, offering practice of the basic maths in every chapter in all three student books.
  • Exam Cafe: a fun environment in which classes can prepare and revise during the last crucial weeks before an exam – they will find a host of presentations, hand-out’s, exam practice, videos, and other revision tools.

Scheme of Work

Click here to download sample pages from our GCSE Scheme of Work.

Assessment Pack

Our AQA GCSE Maths Assessment Pack comes with an editable CD-Rom and is an unbeatable resource for use throughout a GCSE course.  It offers:

  • Course Entry tests to help set students for the GCSE course ahead
  • Chapter tests corresponding to every chapter in all three student books (Higher, Middle, Foundation)
  • Practice GCSE Papers for both modular and linear
  • Practice GCSE Re-sits for both modular and linear
  • Class Progress Chart so the teacher can track student progress through all of the above assessment
  • Personal Progress Charts, so students can track their own progress
  • FREE CD-Rom, with all of the assessment saved in both pdf and WORD versions for editing
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