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Linear AQA GCSE Maths: no sweat!

July 8, 2011 Leave a comment

The ‘news’ that all GCSE maths courses taught from September 2012 are to be linear, won’t be a problem for your AQA resourcing with Longman!

Longman’s AQA GCSE Maths series has, from the start, come with Linear Schemes of Work alongside the Modular SoWs – all free on our website!

Our very popular textbooks are structured around the Modular Units, but when you transfer to AQA’s Linear spec, you’ll find it really easy to adjust your teaching order for Linear.

If you’re already well into using our resources with AQA Linear, do please leave us a comment below!


GCSE Maths 1-year Schemes of Work – FREE!

February 14, 2011 2 comments

With first certification of the new AQA GCSE Maths in June 2012, one-year courses will be starting this September.

Whether you’re following the AQA Linear spec 4365 or the Modular 4360, we have already prepared Schemes of Work for you! Our Longman AQA GCSE Maths resources are ideal for:

  • All abilities: Higher D to A*, Middle E to B, Foundation G to C
  • Linear and Modular: a single textbook for the course

Click on the image below to get the Higher Sets Linear Scheme of Work.

Speedy route to GCSE

All the others are also FREE on our website. Let us know how you get on!

All About Maths textbooks

July 20, 2010 Leave a comment

It’s interesting to see that AQA have added a ‘textbooks’ tab to their GCSE maths website to help you ‘find and buy resources you need for teaching [the] new Maths qualifications from September’.

And to complete the Longman resources we’ve just published our Assessment Pack:

All this for only £149.99!

 This straightforward and comprehensive pack gives you:

  • Course entry tests
  • Chapter tests – every chapter in each of our 3 Student Books
  • Practice Papers – modular and linear
  • Resit Papers – ditto
  • Mark Schemes for all the Papers
  • Class Progress Charts (on the CD-ROM in the pack) for you to keep track of students’ progress

End-of-term freebie: Subscribe to this blog by 16th July and receive a FREE GCSE Maths Higher sets Student Book

July 6, 2010 2 comments

As the end-of-term approaches we’re in celebratory mood.  The blog had its most popular month ever in June, some days receiving over 400 hits, and we’ve had dozens of new subscribers join our community. 

As a final offer before the school holidays, we’ll send all Maths teachers who subscribe to this blog by 16th July a FREE copy of Longman’s AQA GCSE Mathematics Higher sets Student Book.

Just enter your school email address in the box on the right hand side of this page, click the button, and we’ll send it out to your school address:

Longman's AQA GCSE Higher sets Student Book: ideal for modular or linear courses

Why should I subscribe to this blog?

Subscribers to this blog are part of our community of maths teachers and we value them.  As a subscriber, you will receive free resources not available to all browsers of this blog, and you will receive each of our posts by email – about 2-4 per week. 

We do not spam our subscribers, and we never share details with any third parties.  Subscription to this blog is entirely free. 

Where do I find a sample?

Click here to see page samples from all our Student Books – as well as all the other products in our AQA GCSE 2010 Maths series.

Note to our existing subscribers…

If you’re already one of our subscribers and want to receive the Higher sets Student Book, just let us know! Click on “Leave a comment”, and send a request that way.  The comment will not be published (unless you want us to) – it will just be read by the team here. 

We recently did a similar offer for the Practice Books, which had a tremendous take-up.  We’re proud of the resources we’ve produced and delighted with the number of schools that are adopting them!

Maths doesn’t have to be linear (small “l”)…

There’s no single formula (ah-hm) governing how we should teach maths, and there are plenty of strong opinions.

Here’s one very eloquently expressed view that we found on the Prezi site (Prezi is a website that allows you to put together funky-looking presentations, click on the graphic below to see more):

Is Maths circular then? Click to find out.

Our thanks to Alison Bank who created the presentation and to Lewis Birchon for bringing it to our attention (one of many helpful tips).

Preparing to teach new GCSE maths Units 1 and 2? Get free lesson plans!

June 2, 2010 Leave a comment

We’re finding that many teachers plan to start teaching the new AQA GCSE Mathematics 2010 specifications after half-term.

Longman AQA GCSE Mathematics Student Books and Practice Books are now all published. And we’re working very hard to make sure that all our support materials are not far behind.

Middle sets teacher guide

Our Teacher Guide for Middle sets will be published on 4 June.  All our teacher guides fully support AQA’s new Modular and Linear specifications.

To give you a good slice of the Middle sets Guide while you’re waiting for your order to come through, you can now see Unit 1 and Unit 2 lesson plans and guided practice worksheets free on our website.

Teacher Guides for Foundation sets and Higher sets are at advanced proof stages, so will also be published in June.

AQA GCSE Maths Schemes of Work – Free!

May 27, 2010 2 comments

When you’ve got a moment to start planning your two-year course for the new AQA GCSE specifications (modular and linear), we have just the thing to help you!

Now free to download from our website are:

  • 2-year  modular SoW starting with Unit 1
  • 2-year  modular SoW starting with Unit 2
  • 2-year linear SoW

for each of Longman’s AQA GCSE Mathematics 2010  resources: for Higher sets, Middle sets and Foundation sets. By ‘Middle sets’ we mean around grades E to B, aiming for a secure grade C at the end of the course.

Can’t think why you’d ever start with Unit 2?  See our previous post on the subject…