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Linear AQA GCSE Maths: no sweat!

July 8, 2011 Leave a comment

The ‘news’ that all GCSE maths courses taught from September 2012 are to be linear, won’t be a problem for your AQA resourcing with Longman!

Longman’s AQA GCSE Maths series has, from the start, come with Linear Schemes of Work alongside the Modular SoWs – all free on our website!

Our very popular textbooks are structured around the Modular Units, but when you transfer to AQA’s Linear spec, you’ll find it really easy to adjust your teaching order for Linear.

If you’re already well into using our resources with AQA Linear, do please leave us a comment below!


GCSE Maths 1-year Schemes of Work – FREE!

February 14, 2011 2 comments

With first certification of the new AQA GCSE Maths in June 2012, one-year courses will be starting this September.

Whether you’re following the AQA Linear spec 4365 or the Modular 4360, we have already prepared Schemes of Work for you! Our Longman AQA GCSE Maths resources are ideal for:

  • All abilities: Higher D to A*, Middle E to B, Foundation G to C
  • Linear and Modular: a single textbook for the course

Click on the image below to get the Higher Sets Linear Scheme of Work.

Speedy route to GCSE

All the others are also FREE on our website. Let us know how you get on!

GCSE results – well worth celebrating!

August 24, 2010 Leave a comment

You’re celebrating your students’ latest GCSE results, so it’s ‘box of chocolates’ time!  

Click here to (ah-hm) open the box...

Now watch Glyn Payne, Series Editor of our new AQA GCSE Maths 2010 series, talk about linking chocolates with a Grade C, through AO3 questions. And ensure that your results with the new AQA spec are even better!

Glyn Payne talks AO3 and chocolates - click to watch 2 minute video.

AQA GCSE Maths Schemes of Work – Free!

May 27, 2010 2 comments

When you’ve got a moment to start planning your two-year course for the new AQA GCSE specifications (modular and linear), we have just the thing to help you!

Now free to download from our website are:

  • 2-year  modular SoW starting with Unit 1
  • 2-year  modular SoW starting with Unit 2
  • 2-year linear SoW

for each of Longman’s AQA GCSE Mathematics 2010  resources: for Higher sets, Middle sets and Foundation sets. By ‘Middle sets’ we mean around grades E to B, aiming for a secure grade C at the end of the course.

Can’t think why you’d ever start with Unit 2?  See our previous post on the subject…

Functional Skills update: AQA’s Accredited Functional Maths specification now available

AQA have just today posted the accredited Functional Maths Specification to their website – Levels 1 & 2.   They have also posted specimen question papers, data sheets and mark schemes.

Accreditation was actuallly announced back in mid-April, which we blogged about at the time.  We’ll post again if we uncover any further news.

Meantime, we understand that Longman are the only publisher bringing out new resources for the new spec.  Details here.

AQA GCSE Maths Linear Specification Summary available

April 29, 2010 Leave a comment

AQA have posted their Linear Summary Guide as a reminder about this important new specification for 2010.

AQA Linear Summary Guide

We know of some schools who are planning to continue a mix-and-match between Modular and Linear to suit the particular needs of their students.

And for each of Longman’s resources – Higher sets, Middle sets and Foundation sets – we supply Linear Schemes of Work as well as Modular.

Here’s the Linear Overview of the Scheme of Work for Middle sets taking Foundation Papers. And here’s the full Linear Scheme of Work for Middle sets taking Foundation or Higher.

In the Linear SoW we suggest a teaching order. If this isn’t your preferred order, we supply the files as editable Word documents in a CD-ROM in the back of the relevant Teacher Guide.

Thinking of teaching Linear AQA Maths? We have it covered

As we blogged last month, AQA have now posted a fully accredited Linear GCSE Maths spec to their website.   Knowing that this was going to happen, we’ve taken care to make sure all our Longman resources work as well for Linear courses as they do for Modular.

Here’s why they do:

The Student Books are all single volume textbooks to cover an entire maths course, one for Higher sets, one for Middle sets and one for Foundation.  This model is ideal for Linear courses – far better than multi-volume books, divided by Unit or year group.

The Teacher Guides are subtitled, “for Modular and Linear specifications”.  They contain Schemes of Work for both Linear and Modular courses.  The lesson plans reference both types of SoW and are designed to work with both.

The Practice Books all contain a full set of Linear and Modular Practice Papers in the back, therefore 5 papers in each book.  (Except the G-F book: we wanted to keep all questions in this book within the G-F grade range to build student confidence.)

The ActiveTeach DVD-ROMs contain a digital version of the Student Books, as well as extensive exam advice and preparation in our unique Exam Cafe.  We’ve blogged recently about Exam Cafe – it has a wealth of handy features, not least videos showing how examiners mark exam scripts and what they look for.  Click here for a full ActiveTeach demo online.

You’ll find full details about Longman’s AQA GCSE Maths course on this blog.

Click on this link any time to order your Evaluation Pack for the course, which contains a copy of the Middle Sets Student Book, a course guide and a CD demo of ActiveTeachAll of it free!

Longman's GCSE and Functional Maths 2010 Series - click to enlarge.