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Rugby World Cup Maths: FREE Activity to download

September 15, 2011 Leave a comment

The Rugby World Cup is upon us.  There’s a lot more mathematics to rugby than you might think, and we’ve created a bespoke Beast Index to prove it.

Keep your class on their toes with these AO1 and AO3 problem-solving questions on averages & range, and using formulae:

Not just a pretty face. Click to download and see how the world's most massive rugby player can help with GCSE Maths.


World Cup Round-up: Summary of our FREE Maths Classroom activities

As we come to terms with England’s defeat at the weekend to Germany (or rejoice at it, depending on your point of view), we thought this would provide an appropriate moment briefly to re-cap the football-themed resources we’ve produced in recent weeks.

In chronological order, with the most recent posts first:

World Cup Maths: The Curse of the Jabulani – 3D shapes and nets

(Seriously, was this prophetic on some level?  Two days after we posted it, England’s crucial 2nd half goal against Germany is disallowed…)

World Cup Maths: The Mathematician’s Guide to Penalty Shoot-outs – Pythagoras, trigonometry, quadratics, probability

UPDATED World Cup Wall Chart: Free to download – Averages, probability, relative frequency

World Cup maths: the route to the Final! – Number skills, distance-speed-time, scatter graphs

(This activity has been the biggest hit with teachers…)

Cup Final Maths – Free resource! – fractions, decimals, percentages

Countdown to the World Cup! – fractions

(…and this one has been the second biggest hit.)

World Cup Maths: The Mathematician’s Guide to Penalty Shoot-outs

June 24, 2010 4 comments

With England.v.Germany looming on Sunday, we thought we’d give you a sneak preview of how England are preparing for another of their famous penalty shoot-outs!

We have produced a new World Cup Maths activity.  To advise Steven Gerrard and the boys on their penalty strategy, your students will need to use a combination of trigonometry, quadratics and distance-speed-time.  We’ve also thrown in some probability questions for good measure.  GCSE grades have been applied to all the questions to give an indication of difficulty level.

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World Cup Maths activity: penalty shoot-out. Click to view. Full pdf available to subscribers.

Click here to download the accompanying worksheet.

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World Cup maths: the route to the Final!

You may have been wondering how England are going to reach the World Cup Final?

Well, here’s a chance for you and your students to solve that problem, literally.  Click below for some nifty functional maths questions, and you can help Wayne Rooney navigate his way across South Africa:

Help Wayne and Coleen find their way to Cape Town. Click to download pdf.

Quick tip: this activity is ideal for display on a whiteboard.  Once you’ve downloaded the pdf, press Control+L for full screen display.

Looking for other Functional teaching resources?

Click here to see our free World Cup wall chartKeep your Maths classroom up-to-date with events in South Africa!

We’ve also blogged these recently: Countdown to the World Cup (fractions), Wind power (formulae, Level 2) Election Maths (handling data, percentages), Volcano Maths (probability; distance-speed-time),  Maths in the Roof Garden (volume, area, perimeter – Level 1), Of Rock Festivals and Number Skills (interpreting data, number skills – Level 1).